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The home of the St. Paul’s congregation is a historic building in a historic town. The brick structure which houses the congregation is over 150 years old, although the church body itself predates the building by nearly 100 years. The campus on which the church is currently located was deeded to the “Union Congregation” comprised of German Reformed and Lutheran worshippers in the early 1760s, and has been occupied by the Reformed (now UCC) congregation solely and continuously since 1765.

We’ve assembled a wide range of photographs of our church building, which contains several murals by 19th-century artist Berthold von Imhoff. It is one of few surviving churches in the area with its Imhoff murals intact. Imhoff, who was based in Reading, painted many churches and other buildings in the local area before re-locating to Saskatchewan later in his life, where he continued his artwork. The murals in St. Paul’s sanctuary were later restored by Imhoff’s son, Alex.

Our sanctuary also boasts a collection of beautiful and colorful leaded stained glass. Now shielded from storms and the elements by exterior protective windows, the scenes depicted in the St. Paul’s stained glass display Biblical scenes and allusions from throughout both the Old and New Testaments.


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