About St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, Schaefferstown, is a thriving community of Christian believers with historic roots solidly founded in Pennsylvania German tradition. To learn more about our congregational history, you can read summaries by clicking the links below:

  • Early History (1765–1877): Chronicling the years from the church’s founding to the late 19th century, the origin of the building and congregation
  • The Bachman Era (1878–1960): Recording the pastorates of father and son Adam J. and Adam R. Bachman

  • A Church United in Christ (1961–present):

    Exploring the history of St. Paul’s congregation during and after the UCC merger

To learn more about our denominational history within the United Church of Christ, we have provided a few resources, which you can view by visiting our post on U.C.C. history.

To learn about the faith that shapes us and the traditions we hold dear, visit our “Tenets of Faith” page, which outlines the beliefs of the German Reformed tradition (predating the United Church of Christ), the foundations of our congregation and our values.

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